To provide property managers with the opportunity to acquire more properties, furnish or continue to expand their current portfolio.

If you are not a massive corporation, heavily backed or just rich, itʼs tough to enter the marketplace and sustain while making a living. We provide that extra cushion to help you continue to thrive in your market and expand.

We will secure funds with you after a background check and a financial health analysis of your current business. We will then send you secure funds within 2 days of completion of review. Once your new property is acquired, we will gain access to your Airbnb profile which will be provided and directly setup our banking information so that you never have to worry about sending us funds.

Rates: 1 new property



Have to provide evidence that you operate at at least a gross profit margin of 30%


If you default we will take over your account and information regard account and report to Airbnb


Must secure loan via personal credit (credit score must be 650 or higher)


Any market analysis or comps, please provide inside the secure document upload system


More properties mean more savings!

We will make it more accessible for you when trying to add multiple properties.